Kitchen Design Carpet Brown – Turkish Carpets Exclusive Design NO: 01233


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Turkish carpets from Lolimor .. Excellent printed velvet material (without lint) that insulates heat and moisture. Leather floor fixed to floors and parquet… Color and size adjustment as request

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Turkish carpets from Lolimor .. Excellent printed velvet material (without lint) that insulates heat and moisture. Leather floor fixed to floors and parquet… Color and size adjustment as request

To change the color, please contact via WhatsApp

Carpets can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees

Do not use chlorine or bleach.

Do not dry in the washing machine.

Can be ironed, but do not use the iron without a piece of cloth

No dry cleaning.

Do not expose to direct sunlight continuously

All of our designs are registered by TPE.

Do not use harmful chemicals in our products.

Dimensions may vary by + – 3%.

Rug Size

150cmCircle, 100cm Circle, 190cm Circle, 140×200, 160×230, 190-300, 100×150, 100×200, 100×300, 120×180, 80×120, 80×150, 80×200, 80×300, 60×90


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